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Don’t let your timber be wasted or burned when it can be turned into usable lumber.  If you are trying to decide if using your own tree, or your local box store lumber, here are a few considerations:  

· Quantity: how much wood do you need or want? If your project requires only a small amount of material, use our stock that is ready to go. If you need a large quantity and have it available, or if you need unusual sizes, use your logs.



· Does your wood supply match your wants? 12" wide fully quarter sawn boards do not come out of 17" diameter logs. 38" wide table top slabs do not come out of 24" diameter logs. It sounds too simple, but do you want black walnut and all you have are pine and red oak logs? You get the idea now.



· Very important: do you have a place to properly sticker and protect your cut lumber while it is drying? The best sawing job can be ruined by poor stickering conditions. If you don't have a good place for stickering, we can still use your wood and put it thru our dry kiln. If you have provisions for good stickering, it will save you money, inspire your project thinking and probably smell good.



· Everybody has unique circumstances that influence their decision making on which process suits them best. If you think your situation is unusual, abnormal, weird, too big, too small, call us, we'll be happy to help, we love a challenge.


Contact us today - our staff is looking forward to assisting you further!

Our Services


​Price at your location per hour

$450.00 for the first 4 hours minimum

$95.00 per hour after that 




Price at our location

(delivered to our yard)

$95.00 per hour

$50.00 minimum



Vacuum kiln drying in are new Idry

2022 pricing 

4/4 - 6/4 $.48 a board foot

7/4 - 9/4 $.90 a board foot 

10/4 - 12/4 $1.05 a board foot

13/4 + call for pricing 



Shop rate 

$70 a hr. 



*Each Board Foot Is Calculated As:

12 Inches Wide


12 Inches Long


1 Inch Thick

**the average 2 X 4 X 8 foot board bought at a local lumber yard is approx. 3.5 Board feet**

or $1.58



*****Click image below to caculate how much wood your log has*****


Click for larger image



(Within 30 miles)

$ 0.75 Per Mile After That Each way



BLADE COST = $35.00 

Each Blade Change hitting a Embedded Objects




Bobcat Charges

$80.00 Per Hour



Extra Help

$35.00 Per Hour



Air Drying

All thicknesses

$ .25 per Board Foot



Kiln Drying

4/4 - 6/4 $ .45 Per Board Foot

6/4 - 10/4 $ .65 Per Board Foot 


Shop Time

$60.00 Per Hour


David @ 269-838-9060

You'll Find Us At:

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

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What We Do


We encourage sustainable living


We will bring the mill to you


We will plant a sapling to replace every tree we mill


We can kiln dry your lumber


We can plane and prep your lumber


We can build custom furnishing, cabinets and heirlooms out of your timber



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